What we do?

Cannamedic B.V. produces CBD oil and related products from Dutch hemp that is naturally grown on clean soil. The conditions in which these plants grow and the way these plants are treated, guarantee the best possible base-product for the extraction of clean and unpolluted CBD. The plants and the soil are never sprayed with pesticides or poisons before, during and even after cultivation.

The high-quality full-spectrum CBD paste that remains after supercritical CO2 extraction, is diluted with an organic olive oil and then processed into either directly usable oil or capsules.

The small round high-quality Cannamedic CBD capsules come in various strengths and are available in various quantities. The capsules look like little ‘pearls’ and can be easily taken with some water. The capsules are tasteless, have higher doses and are easy to carry without risk of stains in the jacket or bag. For consumption without gelantine capsule, Cannamedic supplies the 2% CBD oil dropper bottle.

Our high-quality CBD oil meets all legal and quality requirements.

We advise everyone to start with a low dose, slowly increasing it until the personal dose is found.

Quality Control

To ensure and maintain the best quality products, our oil gets tested by several of the best independent laboratories of Europa. The combined findings of these laboratories give us the information we need to supply our customers with the most complete and transparent product information and datasheets. The most up to date datasheets can be found on the relevant product pages.

Cooperate with Us!

Cannamedic B.V. already works with a multitude of big retailers and our products can be found in hundreds of stores in Europe. Nevertheless we are always looking for suitable partners with whom we can expand and strengthen our network and of course, work on realizing our vision. If you in any way think Cannamedic B.V. could be a company to cooperate with, please do not hesitate to contact us in any of the given ways.

What can we do for you ?

Secury shipment within Europe

All orders are sent by secure shipment with track & trace. Currently we deliver to the following countries: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Fast Delivery

All orders will be shipped at the latest one working day after the order date. For the countries we ship to, our carrier sets to deliver within the following periods in working days:

  • Austria: 2-3
  • Czech Republic: 3-5
  • France: 2-3
  • Germany: 2-3
  • Hungary: 3-5
  • Italy: 3-5
  • Poland: 2-5
  • Portugal: 3-5
  • Romania: 4-7
  • Slovakia: 3-5
  • Slovenia: 3-5
  • Spain: 3-5

Best Quality

Due to extensive quality control and a (through the years) highly perfected production flow, we can deliver a product of the ver best quality. All natural, without any contamination from outside sources and without unwanted residue.

Customer Care

For all questions regarding our products, orders, business cooperation or any other, please feel free to contact us. All contact information can be found on our contact page.

Thousands Satisfied Customers

Through the years Cannamedic has built up a vast group of satisfied customers that use our products for maybe an equal amount of reasons. We are proud to hear of the great experiences these people have had and are eager to spread this even further in the world.

CBD for human and animal

In addition to humans, all vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system that controls processes such as the immune system, memory, pain stimuli, digestion, bone development, blood pressure and motor skills. CBD oil is therefore also very suitable for cats, dogs, horses, birds and other pets and small cattle. With animals it is also wise to start with a low dose and build it up slowly. Our 2% CBD oil is ideally suited to start with, for dogs a small capsule No.4 in a piece of sausage also works great.

What is CBD?

Cannabinoids are substances found in the cannabis plant. One of those is cannabidiol, or CBD. During extensive research it was discovered that CBD can support the body’s own endocannabinoid system. This system regulates among other things, the organs, central nervous and immune systems.

Our Vision

At Cannamedic B.V. we strive to produce and distribute CBD products of the highest quality. Our goal is to make our products available and affordable to each and every person who could possibly benefit from its great potential, without compromising in any way on quality.


After years of extensive research and development in the production of premium CBD products, Cannamedic B.V. started production in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands in 2015. Since then Cannamedic B.V. grew out to become one of the marketleaders in deriving CBD from high grade dutch hemp.