Capsules No.8

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  • 300 mg CBD per package
  • 3 mg CBD per capsule
  • 100 capsules per package
  • 1 capsule equals 4 drops of CBD Oil 2%
  • small and soft
  • tasteless
  • easy to take
  • easy to dose
  • does not leak or stain
  • not psychoactive, completely legal



Cannamedic capsules No. 8 with 3mg CBD per capsule is ideal for a typical dose.

The content of CBD in one capsule is equal to 4 drops of CBD Oil 2%.

Capsules are easy to carry, perfect for dosing and there is no chance of leakage.

The capsules are small and round and thus easy to take with a drink.

All capsules produced by Cannamedic contain pure and high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil.

Cannamedic CBD oil is not psychoactive, so you can not get high of it.

We advise starting with a low dose, slowly increasing it until the right personal dose is found.
It is important to take your dose three times a day.

Cannamedic produces pure and high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil and has it tested by the best independent laboratories.
All our products comply with European and national guidelines.